Friday, 7 January 2011


One of my favourite flowers are tulips and I love this time of year as you can start to buy them again.  They do a wonderful job of freshening up your house after all the fuss and clutter of Christmas.

I found this gorgeous Greengate range from Winter 2010 online today and I'm not usually one to go for purpley interior things but I love it!  I am sensing a new look for our new kitchen! A great excuse to treat myself to some lovely new tea towels, apron etc etc!  Plus, it goes so well with the sagey green colour I already want.

I am a huge fan of Greengate and when their new catalogue used to arrive at work we would all just gasp and sigh over it and wish we lived in Greengate world!  Oh well, we can dream!


  1. Hey Michelle, we've got a couple of the Valerie (floral) aprons left in the shop , plus all 3 of the tea towels (well maybe some of those have already sold...), the candle and the gorgeous Valerie quilt!
    You should see the new catalogue - swoon!! Come in soon and we can look through it together!

  2. Oh, I must come to JA very soon! I haven't been for ages and am missing out on my fix of all things lovely!! Can't wait to swoon over new Greengate too. I'll need to come without Ewan though as he would probably wreck the shop now if he wasn't screaming the place down! Will see when I can come over and we could do lunch, or a picnic in the shop!

  3. Hi there....i just came over to your blog from Modern Country Style & see you too love to garden! Would love for you to link up to Cottage Flora Thursday's (garden party)looking for others who enjoy cottage gardens! xoox
    Hope to see you soon! xoox