Monday, 20 February 2012

Floors, doors and daddy's little helper

Firstly, welcome to my new followers!  I hope you enjoy my blog.

Well, over the weekend we cleared out the dining room and kitchen in preparation for the long awaited flooring to arrive.  As I write, there is a man fitting plywood to the floor ahead of the new flooring being laid tomorrow.  I am beyond excited!  I have been waiting since about October to get the flooring done and finally it will feel like something is finished!

We had a bit of a revelation whilst clearing out the room - to move the table below the skylight.  You know when you think of something and just can't believe you hadn't thought of it before - well, that is exactly what I thought when hubby suggested it.  I also can't believe he thought of it before me!

So, what else did we get up to at the weekend.  Well, hubby was painting the front door and his little helper just had to take his tool box outside and sat happily drilling, hammering and sawing on the path for ages!

You'll see the new larch cladding where our ugly porch used to be.  I am not totally convinced about it yet, but it is meant to weather to a silvery grey which will hopefully be a bit less garish.  It is a vast improvement on the porch that was there and once we paint the front of the house it will all be much lovelier.

By the middle of the week I should be able to show you the new floor... till then,

Have a good week,