Sunday, 30 January 2011

Nearly finished

I am so excited as our new bathroom is nearly finished!  For those of you who didn't see it before we started here is a reminder.  The photo on the left is before work started and on the right is the end of Day 1.

Day 1

I was amazed at how much the plumber got done on the first day.  All the old fittings were gone, the new loo was in, the new bath and one wall tiled.  The tiles are called Etrusco and are a nice natural stone sort of shade.  We were in a real dilemma about which way to have the tiles but opted for the brick style.  I'm really glad we choose this as I think it looks good!

Day 2

On Day 2, they bricked up the old window and put up a new inner wall.  The electrician had also been along and taken out all the dodgy old light fittings.

Day 3

The tiling had all been finished by the end of Day 3 and the shower and new vanity unit and sink fitted.  We choose all the bathroom fittings from a local store and were really pleased with the price and quality.  The toilet doesn't look too space age either as so many of them seem to these days. (Oh dear, I sound old!!)

 Day 4

Oh, doesn't that look good!  The bath is slightly wider than a standard bath and it just seems so spacious, I love it!  As does our little boy.  He seems really little in the big new bath.

Day 5

Nearly finished... the plasterer has finished the ceiling and walls so the only job left to do on Monday is the electrician to fit the new spotlights.  We painted a couple of sample patches on the walls but have yet to decide on Putty or Almond. (Homebase, budget did not allow me to look at Farrow & Ball unfortunately!)  We have ordered flooring to come in next couple of weeks which will finish it off nicely. 

It really doesn't seem like the same room, its an incredible transformation and I am delighted with everything. 
Look out for the finished result coming soon...



  1. Looks great already. Can't wait to see the finishing touches! Lx

  2. Hey Michelle,

    It's looking LOVELY. It's SO nice having a nice big bath. And you're tiles and shower screen are really gorgeous.


  3. Love your bathroom. Is Estruco the material the tiles are made of, or like a brand name? I love them, they look like travertine.

    Lisa x

  4. Thank you all for saying how nice our bathroom looks already, I too am eager to get the finishing touches done!
    Lisa - the tile name Etrusco was just the design name I think. They do have a travertine look. Think they are just ceramic if that makes sense? I'm not very knowledgeable on tiles! They weren't madly expensive either.

  5. That's good to know, because I have travertine taste on ceramic budget if ya know what I mean! Love the look of these. When it comes time for us to do our ensuite, this is what I'll be looking for.

    Lisa x

  6. Wow, its going to be stunning Michelle! I can't wait to see it!

  7. Thanks for your comment you just left on my blog, but I can't reply to you as you are a 'no-reply' blogger - this means you don't have your email attached to your google profile and so whenever you comment on another blog the blogger can't reply (this is very frustrating to bloggers who like to get to know their readers!) x

  8. I'm sure people have managed to email me but I think I have just set up a google profile which might help?!