Friday, 17 December 2010

Snowy Aberdour

These photos are a bit late, but we have only just got back to normal life in the village having been snowed out!

Our house in the snow.

Black Sands beach covered in snow.

Seaside Place!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Very envious at the moment! Lx

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow! I think I have seen quite enough of it recently, thanks!

  3. It is always really strange to see snow on a beach.

  4. Just when we thought things might be getting back to normal it is snowing again! Oh well, everything looks very pretty!

  5. Hi lovely,

    What gorgeous photos. I've never seen a beach with snow on, even though I grew up in Brighton. IT always melted on the actual beach itself. I guess that shows how incredibly cold it must have been for you. Were you okay?


  6. Hi Sarah, I don't think I have ever seen snow on a beach like that either. Finally this week we could see greenery again and the snow was nearly all gone, even though it was still really cold but now this evening there has been more snow! Our little boy is really walking well now but we have been stuck in the house as it has been so treacherous. Roll on Spring! I have been keeping up with your blog, just not finding time to comment!!
    Happy New Year,