Monday, 10 January 2011

Time to get organised

It's that time of year when I want to get myself organised! I need a new diary and have been browsing online to find a lovely one.  I  always think I will use a diary much more than I ever do.  Last year I discovered Organised Mum who sell a whole range of stationery items to get you organised.  This year I have my eye on these goodies.

The Pocket Life Book  is essentially a diary but has a section for shopping list and meal ideas which is great.  We regularly write a shopping list and plan what to eat every day, go shopping, throw away the list and then wonder what wonderful creations we had decided to cook for the rest of the week!  This year it is even in my favourite colour combo of turquoise and pink. Fab!

This is a Budget Book in which you can keep track of monthly expenses and there is a pocket every month to keep all your receipts in.  For me, this is great news as I quite often want to keep receipts for things I have bought but never quite know where to keep them all.  Ta da, problem solved.

Finally, for my big sis, a meal planner and shopping list which you can put up on your fridge.  I bought her one of these last year as a treat and she loved it so she has asked for another one this year.  The shopping list section is split into sections such as dairy, bakery, household, drinks etc.  A great help when you are in the supermarket.

Check out their website for loads of other fab stuff.  Organised Mum

Have a nice day, I'm off to get organised!



  1. i good bit of organisation is just what i need hehe x love the book ;0)

  2. Oh, their sale started today so just as well I wasn't organised enough to order my diary etc yesterday! I love a bargain.