Saturday, 19 February 2011

Learning to sew with Jo!

I have spent a lovely day with my good friends Jo and Julia, both of whom I used to work with.  Jo invited us to her house for a sewing tutorial and lunch! It was a great idea as we got to have a good old chat, lovely lunch and learn how to make this lovely pincushion.

It is a little mini topiary tree and was great fun to make even with my limited sewing skills.  Jo had to help me out with a few tricky bits! Too much talking and not enough concentrating on the sewing perhaps!

I got to choose fabrics from Jo's vast (and I mean Vast!) collection of scraps.  That in itself was a thrill and I would have been happy rummaging through the scraps all day.  I had to choose 8 segments for my tree and then sew them around paper templates.  I then went about sewing them all together to make my tree top. Next task was to make a felt pot filled with rice and stuffing (not the food type, the wadding type!).  And here it is the finished result.  The trunk is green felt covering a straw with pipe cleaners inside it to give stability to the tree.

This close up shows off my not so great sewing but I am very pleased with it for a first attempt.  The joy of creating something so pretty on a rainy Saturday afternoon really lifted my spirits.  For loads more crafting loveliness check out Jo's blog - Bearpaw.  You can also see the cute little house pincushion which Julia made and there is a full tutorial if you fancy having a go yourself.  Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Oh wow Michelle, it looks really good! So pleased you finished it ok and like it. It was such a fun day, we must make it a regular event!

  2. Wow thats cute Ill check out her blog thanks for sharing :)