Monday, 20 September 2010

First Family Holiday

Good Morning, today we are heading off on our first holiday as a family! We aren't going far, just to the Lake District.  It should be fun when we get there but my goodness what a lot of stuff we need to take with us!!  I am so thrifty that I am taking washing up cloths, loo roll, tissues, anything and everything that I think we might need that will probably be on sale at the holiday complex shop but at an over inflated price!

 I sort of forgot how much stuff a toddler needs on a daily basis too! We have been to stay at my mum's for the same amount of time but she at least has some essentials at her house.  Well, maybe a cup and plate and spoon and cot sheets, and that is probably about all!  Because of the time of year I have also packed his shorts and t-shirts but also his waterproof jacket, his cosy jacket and hat incase it gets cold!  I think when we get there I may realise that I have been a bit excessive but best to be prepared!

Now time to get it all in the car and hit the road! Hopefully it will all fit!  I will let you know how our first family holiday went on our return. 

Oh, and one last thing.  A big thanks to my new followers!  My brain is ticking to think of a little giveaway when I have more followers!


  1. How exciting,have a truly magical time.I laugh every time we all go away but after many years and 7 of us I still take too much.Happy holiday,beckyxx

  2. Have a lovely time in the Lake District:)