Monday, 27 September 2010

Before... Part 2 - The Bathroom

Here is the next instalment of photos.  This is the bathroom such as it is.  Sorry the photo isn't better but it is so small in there I couldn't really get a better photo! 

The curtain rail fell down the other day so one of the curtains is now just hanging there and the blind doesn't seem to work since I put it up! Lucky we only have fields out the back!

The bathroom is nearly all tiled in these pale yellow square tiles but has a border of quite pretty tiles around the bath.

They sort of remind me of an Orla Kiely style design.  They must be original 1960s or 1970s tiles.  In the right context they could be lovely so perhaps I will try to salvage them.

I am hoping the bathroom will be one of the first rooms to tackle after the heating and windows as it is quite damp and not a very nice room to be in.  I refuse to have a bath in there but my poor little boy has to bathe in the grotty bath every evening.  Luckily he is more interested in his toys than the grime and bad decor!


  1. Yes those tiles could look fab in the right setting!

  2. Lovely tiles:)As an ex army wife and moved a lot I have seen some bathrooms of horror believe me yours is beautiful compared to some I've lived with.That's one of the great things about little ones they don't notice or care as long as they have some bath toys hehe!x