Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Baby, toddler or somewhere in between...

It is the weekly babies and toddlers group this morning so we are just getting ready to go out.  I naively thought that I would sit and drink tea and chat to other mummies while all the little people got on with playing! It seems that these days have passed and are still to come as my little one neither seems to be a baby or a toddler! He is too big for the baby corner as he tends to crawl over everyone and throw toys around but because he can't yet toddle I still have to chase around after him to avoid injury as he attempts to climb up the slide!

I really look forward to our weekly play as I do get to chat to other mummies and he has a great time playing with new toys and other toddlers and is always exhausted by the time we get home! I also get to drink a cup of tea and there is always a yummy choice of cakes for the grown ups too.  Mmm, wonder what it will be today?


  1. Did you get a yummy cake? What were they? Hope the traffic lights are away now!


  2. We did get yummy cake! It was mini choc chip muffins or fruit loaf. Yes, our traffic lights are now all gone and the road is fixed.

  3. I remember my youngest Angel being at that stage in toddler group,now I am forever trying to untangle her from another 2 year old who both seem to want the same thing:)We just have plain biscuits at ours and on special occasions we get something fancy:)beckyx