Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Doors chosen but which handles?

I have wanted this door since I first saw it advertised in a magazine.  It sums up the sort of house I want to live in and maybe, just maybe, by having this front door our old house will start to feel more cottagey than dated bungalow!  We don't have the lovely oak porch but we will have some larch cladding on the walls either side of the door. 

We've chosen the Dordogne style for our interior doors.  We were debating whether to paint them or not but have decided to leave them natural oak and will just wax or oil them to try to keep the natural colour.  Since deciding on these I keep seeing them everywhere! I thought I was being so unique but obviously not!

We'll have two glass versions of this door too.  One into the new dining room which is a very dark room as light will only get in from the kitchen window at the far end of the room.  We will also have our inner porch door with glass to let in as much daylight as we can into the hallway.  I do love these doors!

The only thing we have yet to choose is the door handles.  What a dilemma!  I quite like the idea of having door knobs but I seem to be alone with that option. Chrome or brushed steel? Backplate or not? Who would have thought there were so many decisions to make.


  1. Beautiful doors. You chose well. I have to have knobs instead of handles in my house, as the cat knows how to work handles, so she opens all the doors to get free reign of the house... as she likes to bring 'presents' in for us, I need her as contained as possible! Lx

  2. Thank you! That was sort of my thinking behing the knobs as our little boy might find them harder to open. I guess sometimes that could be a bad thing even though right now it seems like it would be a blessing!

  3. Lovely doors! We had knobs in our last house and now have handles, and I have to say I definitley prefer the knobs - much easier to use! I have to really crank my hand round to turn the handles - can't be good for my wrists and I need those for crocheting!!

  4. We have knobs on most of our doors but do think about where the door knob will be placed. If it's too close to the frame then your kncukles get trapped between then knob and the frame.

    How do I know? Errrr....!!!!


  5. It's amazing I didn't know about your blog before... I can so relate to what you say about decisions... I'm suppose to use next week to make a final decisions on tiles, then I'll choose the doors, then the handles, then... There's always a "then", but I guess we'd be really sad if there wasn't a "then"...

    Magali@The Little White House