Monday, 25 October 2010

Remember, remember the 8th of November

Oh, very exciting news, the builders are hoping to start work on our extension and renovation on the 8th November.  That is also our wedding anniversary so it should be a happy day of celebration all round!

You'll remember the previous photo of the "sun room".  Well, this will be demolished which is great news as it has moss growing on the inside of the windows and a very squint floor.  It will be replaced with a new pitched roof extension which will house our new kitchen. 

This is the architect's drawing of what the back of the house will look like with the new extension.  There are also velux windows shown in the roof which is the next phase.  If we have any money left, we will convert our loft!

Sorry this picture isn't very good, but it shows the layout of our house and the new kitchen/family area, utility and loft bedrooms.  Down the left hand side of the picture is the front of our house so to help you get your head around it, both our sitting room and master bedroom both look out to the front. 

I have my cold fingers and toes crossed that the builders will start on 8th November as it is very cold here now and we are struggling a bit with our old storage heating system.  I actually saw snow on the hills for the first time this year at the weekend! Our poor little boy doesn't have a heater in his room so we have been leaving his door open all night to let the heat in from the hallway which luckily seems to be keeping his room warm.

More to come soon on ideas and inspiration for our project.  Have a lovely day!


  1. exciting!1

    I love having to save up for a project like this. I know it's a long process but it looks as though it'll make a huge difference.

    If you click on the picture of your plans, it opens up a new, bigger version!

  2. So pleased things are going to start soon! Your blog is great! Thanks for putting me on your blogroll! Yes still planning to come on Friday - Jonathan may come too! xx