Monday, 4 October 2010

Lovely new chalkboard

This morning my little boy and I set off down to the village to go to the post office and chemist.  However, it appears to be a local holiday so they were both closed for the day!  I decided that because they were closed we would go to the park instead as it was a lovely sunny morning. 

On the way we pass a little shop called Coastal Reflections which opened on the day we moved here.  Perfect timing as it is all things beachy and coastal!  I treated myself to a new chalkboard for our kitchen.  I am imagining it will be just right for the style we have in mind.  We started to look at kitchen units at the weekend, very exciting!

The fabric behind it is a gorgeous Greengate one that I bought a fat quarter of from Jonathan Avery a few months back.  I think I will make one of those fabric covered noticeboards with it for my new office/study.

I hope the sun is shining where you are! 


  1. That is so pretty, im off to have a good look around your blog. I love all the pictures, they are so beautiful!

  2. Thanks Sheila! There are some not so beautiful "before" pictures of the kitchen and bathroom but I hope to have some gorgeous "after" photos over the next few months.

  3. I see why you ask! :-)

    I posted an answer to your question on Modern Country Style but in case you don't subscribe to comments,I'll add it here too!

    The plugs are from (love that word!).Jim Lawrence who sell all kinds of lovely ironmongery .

  4. Hi Michelle (again!),

    I've tagged you! Please will you look at my current post for details. You absolutely don't have to participate if you don't want to but thought you'd like to know!


  5. Hi Sarah, Thanks for info about plugs! Oh, thanks for tagging me, I will have a look. I'm in a mad rush just now as going to my mum's for a week and about to go out the door to toddler group but I promise to do it over next couple of days. I presume I just post it all on my page here?! I'm new to blogging and not sure of the ins and outs yet. Like when you said about subscribing to comments, not sure how I do this but sounds good idea! Thanks again

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I hope you have a nice time at Toddlers.

    If you are signed in to your Google account then when you leave a comment on someone's blog it usually, but not always (not sure why), gives you the options to tick a box that says 'Email follow-up comments to...and then gives your email address.'

    I'll just check if your blog does it...

  7.,it doesn't do it automatically. I'm not sure why. You could have a look in your settings.

    Have a look here for more info:

    Have a good week at your Mum's.