Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Making Progress...

We've had a busy couple of weeks and finally had some workmen in our house! Hurrah!  We have had our new boiler and radiators installed.  It is such bliss to turn on a tap and know that there will be hot water!

Our new boiler in the back porch
I never realised what a dilemma it was to decide where to put radiators in each room.  Traditionally they would be put below windows but then if you want to have floor length curtains this becomes a problem so we have mostly opted to put them near or behind the door in each room as this is out of the way of furniture and usually wasted space.

New radiator in master bedroom

In our living room we have opted for a radiator behind the door and another one on the opposite wall which will hopefully keep us nice and warm.

New radiator in living room

Our new windows are being installed at the end of this week so I will post again once they are finished.  I can't wait as the ones we have at the moment have chunks falling out of the wooden frames and are all mouldy on the inside.  Oh, the excitement!

Welcome to my new followers since my last post too, thanks for joining me!



  1. Hello. So nice to see your progress.
    Radiators must be a hard thing to place. We took storage heaters out of here when we came, and now just have solid fuel fires as heating, with one radiator on the landing. That was hard enough to place as we had to allow for a stair gate to close. Your little house sounds like it will be lovely when you have finished. The windows sound very good. We have a similar situation here, and are having a new kitchen window being installed next week. It will be a luxury to have a window that keeps the weather out!!You have a truly beautiful location to live in, I would suffer much inconvenience for a location like yours!!

  2. Oooh, how exciting, Michelle! It's all go at your place!!

    Radiators are a NIGHTMARE to position, aren't they? They take up such valuable wall pace. Grrr...


  3. Oh no! Are you okay up there? I heard that Scotland has had loads of snow.

    Is your mum's house a long way from your home?

    We have quite a lot of family in Scotland and I'm always imnpressed that when it snows, everything carries on more or less as normal. When it snows down here, all hell breaks loose!!

    I hope your renovations are still progessing well. I'm loving seeing how it's getting on at your blog.