Thursday, 1 March 2012

First day at playgroup

This is a rather momentous day for us as Ewan has started playgroup today - off into the big world all on his own!  

He's not the most outgoing little chap so there were a few No Nos when I said I was going home and he would be there on his own but I am sure he will have fun without me.

This is his best smile for the camera!

Now, what shall I do for the next 2 hours??  So far I have made soup and had a cup of tea but there must be better things I could be doing!


  1. I think I spent my first two hours when my twins went off to playgroup just crying!! And then I got over myself and realised they were loving it so I needed to as well!!!...and then the fun began!!


  2. They grow up to fast. I hope Ewan had a fun time at his playgroup.

    -Zane of ontario honey

  3. When my eldest went to nursery I spent the first morning crying. and his first day in reception and in september he'll be going to uni and i'll cry then too. But he didn't cry. he had a whale of a time and he will at uni too. Weird old thing being mum, int it!!