Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bedroom Inspiration

Things are moving along with the house so my thoughts are turning to how I would like to decorate our new bedroom in the loft, or upstairs, as I keep telling our 2 year old to call it as it is no longer a loft but part of the house!

I seem to be in a grey phase and I love the coastal look of this room.  I think the light is perhaps a bit close to the bed though!

This is my favourite inspirational picture.  It was in Ideal Home magazine over the winter and I just love everything about it.  I love the grey tones, the piles of comfy cozy things on the bed, the vintage hooks on the wall and the luggage rack complete with old suitcase by the window.  I don't think I ever got round to telling the story of rescuing an old suitcase out of a neighbours skip did I? Well, I did exactly that and it is now in our garage waiting for a good use along with a broken table that I also fancied.  I did ask permission before taking them!

This is how our bedroom looked a few weeks ago but things are progressing so not too long till we get the paint brushes out and then get moved in to our new room. 


  1. Those inspiration pics are gorgeous. Reminds me of the mood boards you used to make at JA! looking forward to seeing it finished!

  2. Thanks Jo! Glad to hear you had a good holiday, I am very jealous, would love a week in the sun! Must get you all over for that afternoon tea soon. I am also looking forward to seeing it all finished. Starting to feel like we are getting there now though. x

  3. I can't believe how busy you've been! One project finished and another huge one begun. You put me to shame!!

    Your kitchen looks brilliant - I can tell from the photos that the paint colour is gorgeous - so subtle. I always think subtle colours are the hardest to photograph well.